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The 2015 EOD Undefeated Bike Ride is sold out for participation. However, you can still support this great cause. A few of our local team members are registered for the two day ride and you can support them with your donations. To find out more about Explosive Ordnance Disposal, click on this link  What is EOD?

If you have participated in The Boob Ride, then you have seen many members of the Navy Cycling Team on the ride. Many have been great supporters for us over the years, and even some of them have won a bra award or two. Let’s show our support and help this great cause. Select any rider below and support their fundraising effort.

hannah EOD

Hannah Binder

Winner of the 2015 Best Young Rider Bra






quin eodStephen Quinn

Winner of the 2013 Best Sprinter Green Bra





strauss EODRick Strauss

Winner of the 2014 King of the Mountain Bra and the 2010 Best Overall Yellow Bra




Boob15_143 copyLloyd Weinstein

Sponsor of the 2015 King of the Mountain Bra





What is EOD?

EOD is the Explosive Ordinance Disposal program that was created after World War II.

The road back from combat can be a long one for our military. Despite the recent drawdown of US Troops overseas, many of our Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) service members who were injured in the line of duty are still working the road to recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

  • EOD Techs are the Bomb Squad of the military.
  • EOD Techs protect civilians in dangerous places by finding, defusing, and rendering safe IEDs and other explosives.
  • The impact of a bomb blast on an EOD Tech and their family can last a lifetime.

EOD Undefeated Bike Ride

Cmdr. Kevin Childre of the US Navy EOD and friends started the EOD Undefeated Bike Ride in 2009, the year that was the most devastating to the EOD community in injuries and lives lost. The EOD Ride is now a high profile fundraiser for the EOD Warrior Foundation. Rehabilitating EOD Techs take part in the event, some riding on their prosthetic “cycling legs” alongside civilian and military riders. Rides take place in San Diego, CA and Niceville, FL, where EOD service members train, serve, and rehab from injury.  The California EOD Undefeated 2-day Ride rolls Oct 10-11, 2015 from LA to San Diego. 

The EOD Undefeated Rides benefit the wounded EOD Warriors and families, the riders, our sponsors, and the Foundation.

EOD Warrior Foundation provides grants to EOD families to alleviate the burden of expenses such as:

  • Vehicle and home modifications to accommodate the EOD Warrior’s new prosthetics
  • Psychological care costs for the spouse and family
  • Training and veterinary care of service dogs to assist wounded EOD Techs, many with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury
yellow bra 2011

Kevin winning the Yellow Bra in 2011

In Honor of Commander Kevin Childre

In May 2015, Kevin lost his life following a crash on a six-day bike ride from San Francisco to San Diego while promoting awareness of the EOD Warrior Foundation. At the time of his passing, Commander Childre was the Navy’s longest serving active duty EOD Technician. He was a beloved, respected, and unparalleled presence in the EOD community, the cycling community, and his community at large. The 2015 EOD Undefeated Ride continues in his honor.

The California EOD Undefeated 2-day Ride rolls Oct 10-11, 2015 from LA to San Diego. 

The ride is full but you can still support the ride through your donations here and click on Donate at the top. 

Join us at the End of Ride Celebration at Liberty Station in San Diego Sunday Oct 11, 2015 from 11-3. More info here  or at eodride.org/blog

One thought on “2015 EOD Undefeated Bike Ride

  • Kathy

    Thanks for the show of solidarity Boob Ride organizers!
    What a great community of cyclists working together to fund cures for cancer and to facilitate successful rehabilitation and reintegration into civilian life for wounded EOD techs and their families.


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