Announcing the 2019 Pink Bra Award Sponsor

The Pink Bra Award (Maglia Rosa)

The Brutten Family Foundation

We are thrilled to announce a new sponsor for the Pink Bra Award, The Brutten Family Foundation!

As you know, we have our San Diego Start/Finish located in the parking lot of the Brixton building and when we casually introduced ourselves, one of their chairmen offered to sponsor the award with his own charity. We love pairing with other organizations that are up to great things, and the Brutten Family Foundation is just that! It is a private U. S. foundation that focuses on helping San Diego charities, to include Make-A-Wish, children's museums and centers, as well as some San Diego schools. The Brutten Family Foundation's philanthropic concentration includes:

  • environment and sustainability
  • education
  • at-risk youth in the Western US.

The Maglia Rosa is awarded to the best overall female cyclist on the D-Cup, 90 mile route. This highly-coveted award is not only prestigious, but it is totally cute! The award is based on a prized cycling jersey for one of the Grand Tours, the Giro d'Italia.  A loose interpretation of Maglia is mesh or fabric and Rosa is Pink, therefore the Pink Jersey. The story on how we created this cool award is here.

Registration is Open for 2019

Don't be a boob, sign-up now.

What's New for 2019?

A special year made us want to do special things...

  • You will see our 10th year anniversary symbol on many things
  • A new cycling kit is being designed (standby for that announcement)
  • New high-tech microfiber shirt (standby for that announcement)
  • Special beer glasses
  • Great sponsorship opportunities
  • Silent auction, please contact us if you have great products we can auction off
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