22 Red Bra Sponsor is Five Suits Brewing

Five Suits Brewing in San Diego is sponsoring the Red Bra this year! Five Suits Brewing is located in Vista, CA and has been dedicated to providing people with quality craft beers fit for royalty.

From humble beginnings, Nick Corona started brewing beer with a home kit and won hundreds of ribbons and medals, as well as securing four homebrew titles at the county, state, and national levels. Five Suits Brewing is a family affair and they are committed to brewing the best beer and giving back to the community.

We think that Five Suits Brewing pairs excellently with The Boob Ride - because beer and boobs go well together!

Thank you to Nick and his family for sponsoring the Red Bra award! The Red Bra award is something we made up. Technically, on the Tour de France, the most aggressive rider receives a red patch as an indicator as the rider who should the most skill and strength in the previous stage.

However, we like to give things a bit of a twist. We decided that our bra award's essence would best be captured by a red sports bra. It shows the spirit of the Most Aggressive Rider!

Red Bra Winner

In 2017, our most loved rider, Morgan won the Red Bra for her amazing demonstration of resilience and grit. Morgan rode the 30 mile ride just after finishing her final round of chemotherapy and was an inspiration to us all.

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