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100% of registration fees go to curing breast cancer. We also strive to direct a majority of our sponsorship funds to the cause. We are a lean organization that is passionate about solving this problem, but we need your help to cover operational costs. 

The Boob Ride is produced by Fun4Good, a 501c3 non-profit that produces fun events for good causes. The Boob Ride has grown to include hundreds of riders and volunteers that are passionate about curing breast cancer. 

The Boob Ride is a great way to promote your company locally and help a great cause. These are some great sponsorship opportunities. We encourage all business types to consider supporting this great cause, not just the cycling-oriented companies. Our riders buy from insurance companies, retailers, home supplies, transportation, as well as use services from medical and legal offices.

Awards Sponsor

One of the best parts of The Boob Ride is the post-ride party and the highly coveted trophies. We parody the Tour de France's and Giro d'Italia's awards, but with bras. The awards are a lot of fun and highly visible at the big post ride party where hundreds of passionate riders decide the winners.

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The Green Bra for 2017 is already sponsored. Cannondale has not only sponsored the bra, they have also donated a bike as a reward to the members of the Pink Club.

Cycling Kits

The Boob Ride cycling kit includes the short sleeved jersey, sleeveless jersey, and shorts/bibs. This popular design is worn my our support at the event, everyday riding, on the Susan G. Koman 3 Day Walk, and it has even been seen in a spin class. These are well made kits with wicking fabric, pockets, great chamois, and full length zippers.

Their are many locations for your logo that will help your customers know that you support curing breast cancer.

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Bib Numbers

Every good event has bib numbers to help identify participants. The Boob Ride lets a sponsor be seen on the backs of every rider on all events.

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Rest Stops

There are four rest stops that can be supported by local bike shops, nutrition vendors, sport drinks companies, and other companies. A great way to interact with local customers.

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The Boob Ride rig transports cyclists' small travel bags and bike blankets to Solana Beach so that the riders to change into after the ride. The truck then brings all the bikes and gear back to Irvine. Nearly all riders will load their bag(s) into the rig at the beginning of the ride, collect their bag(s) at the finish to change clothes, and drop off their bikes and gear for the return trip back to Irvine.

Contact us for the details on this great opportunity. 

Raffle Prize Donations

The Boob Ride has a great party at the end of the ride. We sell raffle tickets to raise funds. The raffle prizes are donated from companies, retailers, and individuals from all over. Over the years we have raffled off laptops, hard drives, cameras, artwork, gift baskets, clothing, and many other items. If your company has product they would like to donate. Please Contact Us.

Donate to The Pink Club

The Pink Club is designed for larger donated prizes that can only be won by our larger supporters. These prizes have a retail value exceeding $1,000. Physical products are preferred. Cannondale helped us create this program by donating a bicycle that can be rewarded to a Pink Club member. Please Contact Us to donate to this club.

Other Donations

The Boob Ride also accepts donations via check, credit card and in-kind.

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