Big Boob Ride In PA

you said boobsOur first event outside of California was in Pennsylvania on 7/11/15.

To see the event photos and the movie” click here.

Year to date, The Boob Ride nationwide has brought 278 participants and raised almost $18,000. You can still support the cause.

Merchandise is available on our site for the PA kit and t-shirts.

California is preparing to announce the 2016 schedule. We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors for both events.

This was a great breast cancer charity event that challenged many riders. Some hammered the course, others struggled over the hilly route. Please add your feedback by adding comments to this blog. Please keep it clean and constructive.

One thought on “Big Boob Ride In PA

  • Riding for Fun Post author

    The day of the ride we received this email from a rider and he said it was ok to post on the Blog for feedback.


    I wanted to thank you, and congratulations on staging a very successful ride today! It very much exceeded my expectations!

    You and your volunteers did a great job of welcoming people, and the hospitality was superlative! The course was much more challenging than it appeared on RWGPS… the several big, long hills sort of hid all the smaller ups and downs. I’m still proud to say I did the DD in 3:15, so that makes me feel good.

    I’m hoping you’ll do this again next year. Maybe the few of us from WCCC that supported it can enlist more folks with our enthusiasm! I will tell you that it’s pretty hard to get people to drive to a ride of 50 miles when they can open their door and do it. But, your first one being successful, and the cause being so great, I think you can look forward t more success next year.

    If I could make one suggestion, I would mark the course just a bit better. Not that the markings were bad, and I had it on my Garmin, so no issues, but with all the downhills I often find the “best in class” is to put the first marking 50-100 yards from the turn, the next 20-25 yds, then one right before the turn, and one after. I found most of them today right before and after the turn, which is good, but particularly on downhills, where riders are moving faster, earlier is better.

    Are there still t-shirts available? I’d like to buy one. As I told you, I bought a jersey, but I’d like to promote the ride more, and I think a t-shirt is better for this.

    Again, thank you for putting this on. BTW… I didn’t know your story before today. Did you put that on the website somewhere? You might want to next year if you didn’t. It’s very compelling.

    All the best,”


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