Breast Stops and Bike Mechanics

Breast Stops

Yep! You read it correctly. Here at The Boob Ride, we don't have Rest Stops, we have Breast Stops! Our breast stops are infamous for all the fun and slight irreverent snacks. In the past we have offered Boob Cookies and Mammo-grams; however this year we are limited to pre-package snacks only. Even though we may not have all the silly snacks, we do hope you will stop in and refill your water and grab a bite to eat. This year we will have breast stops at

  • Bicycles of San Clemente
  • Magee Park in Carlsbad
  • Albertson's parking lot in Elfin Forest

Our volunteers welcome you in with high energy and decorate the stops with pink tchotchkes and bras. You can't miss them.

San Clemente Breast Stop

Bicycles of San Clemente will be hosting our San Clemente Breast Stop. Orange County riders can stop by and use the restroom and hydrate on their way down the coast.

See the image to the right to get the lay of the land for the San Clemente Breast Stop.

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Carlsbad Breast Stop

Carlsbad is our busiest breast stop and staffed by high-energy and fun volunteers. In addition to the nutrition and restrooms, Paul Dunlop with the Wrench House Cyclery will be onsite to fix any issues with your bike you may discover along the route. The Wrench House can fix anything, including road, mountain bike, gravel, triathlon, and e-bikes!

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Eflin Forest Breast Stop

The name sounds like something from Lord of the Rings, but it is our toughest climb to this rest stop.

Our long-time supporter and Breast Stop Queen - Brandi and her family have been running the Elfin Forest Breast Stop for many years. Brandi is a dedicated breast cancer awareness fundraiser and has supported many great causes. She and her family have been instrumental in getting all those D-Cup riders refueled and rehydrated so that they can make it to the Last Mile Party.

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