Changes to The Boob Ride 2019

There are some minor changes to The Boob Ride 2019. The biggest changes are due to the restricted access to Camp Pendleton.

  • For the Orange County ride, the route is officially on I-5, unless you have your own base ID. The impact is:
    • The A-Cup route is no longer offered in OC. It is only available at the San Diego event. We felt this level of rider would really not enjoy the freeway experience. The San Diego A-Cup is a really nice route and they usually dress up and have a great time.
    • The C-Cup and D-Cup are officially on the freeway. Here are some tips for riding the freeway.
    • Two Breast Stops (what all the "normal" rides would call a rest stop), have been moved.
      • The Dana Point Breast Stop is three miles further down in San Clemente.
      • Las Pulgas Breast Stop has moved to Oceanside Harbor, since the official route is not through the base.
      • These stops were moved to support the San Diego routes, which do not come through the base at all. Therefore, we needed to put a Breast Stop in Oceanside so that the stop is accessible to all the routes.
      • The Carlsbad and Elfin Forest Breast Stops are in their usual places.
  • The San Diego ride has bigger changes. It was possible for us to create routes that stay south of Camp Pendleton and therefore avoiding 15 miles of 1-5 freeway riding.
    • New C-Cup route is a little "lumpier" than previous years. Here is the route.
    • New D-Cup route is hillier. Here is the route.
    • The Oceanside Breast Stop is inside Oceanside Harbor.
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