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Not exactly the real thing, but you like it anyway!

Orange County, October 3rd, 2020

Hey Boob Ride Fans! It’s time to dust off our bikes for the 2020 Boob Ride, only slightly altered!

This year we are creating an alternative to the traditional Boob Ride you all know and love - and the team and I can’t stop making 7th grade locker room jokes; we apologize in advance! These rides are a couple of fine falsies! A really fantastic boob job, if you will. Ha! We can’t stop!

Welcome to the Implant Edition of The Boob Ride! We’ve had work done, can you tell? We don’t hold back with the bad jokes, but we are serious about doing Fun events for Good causes. October is breast cancer awareness month, and therefore the perfect time to rally ALL our athletic supporters to grab our Boob Ride gear on the same day and ride/run/walk in the same general vicinity so we can wave and smile at each other from safe distances.

The REAL Boob Ride is more than a charity bike ride. We have a lot of fun. Group starts are a blast. Riding with your new friends is great. The Breast Stops are fantastic and the Last Mile Party is the culmination with crazy prizes. But, let's be honest, it ain't gonna happen in 2020. It's going to take a solution for COVID-19 before we can do any of this.

The thing is . . . cancer hasn’t gone away since the Stay-at-Home order. There are still people going through treatment that need support more than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds are at an all time low for Breast Cancer Angels, the group that works with the families your donations support each year. We have an opportunity here to give cancer-fighting families some much-needed support AND get some great exercise! (Anybody else’s couch developing permanent butt dents? No? Uh... ours neither.)



The Fake Boob Ride/Run/Ride, Implant Edition

Let's cut to the chase. We can't have an event, can't get permits, can't throw a party, blah, blah, blah. But we can suggest a date with ideas for start/finish locations and route ideas. Our supporters loosely make an impression by being collectively visible with Boob Ride gear. We will live to ride and party collectively another day.  The cost is up to you. All donations go to support local low-income people in the battle against breast cancer.

When: October 3, 2020

Cost: Up to you

We will be happy just to see our supporters out there safely promoting The Boob Ride and having fun. All of the event registration money that was raised for the event that was closed in April has already been directed to local low-income people battling breast cancer. 100% of the donations from this Fake event will also be used to support local low income people with their battle against breast cancer.  Do what you can and we are serious that zero is acceptable.


We can only give you ideas on where some good starting places are. Talk to your friends and get together as you see fit while practicing safe social distancing. Some suggestions include:

Both have plenty of parking, bathrooms, and water. We are only suggesting routes from Bill Barber park but feel free to make your own routes or use last year's routes!


Start times are up to you. Isn't that freedom great? It's like going braless! You're welcome.

Our recommendation for times for rides is that longer routes roll out at 7 am, medium around 7:30 am, and the shorter ones about 8ish. Runners can start about 8:30 or so.


What would The Boob Ride be with a post ride beer? A suggested place is Board and Brew on Kensington, in Tustin.  At the time of writing this, they were open under restrictions. Their status may change. Please check to see if they are open the day of the event.

Party and ride on Boob Riders! We miss you.

Route Ideas:



These routes are not supported with Breast Stops, so you are on your own. However, these routes were specifically planned to have bathrooms and places for water/food along the way. If you are a local rider, you know where those spots are.

Join the Strava Event as well so we can all see who rode. Riding event is here. Running/Walking is here.

Things you need to NO:

  • No, it isn't supported at all
  • No, there are not route slips or route arrows
  • No, there isn't a SAG
  • No, there isn't a check-in
  • No, there aren't bib numbers


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2020 Fake Boob Ride - $25
The Fake Boob Ride 2020 - $25 donation to support the cause. Options to ride/run/walk are available.
$ 25.00
2020 Fake Boob Ride - $100
The Fake Boob Ride 2020 - $100 donation to support the cause. Options to ride/run/walk are available.
$ 100.00
2020 Fake Boob Ride $250
The Fake Boob Ride 2020 - $250 donation to support the cause. Options to ride/run/walk are available.
$ 250.00