Late Registration 2017

You can still sign up for The Boob Ride if one of these is true. . . 

  • You have applied to Camp Pendleton to ride through the base in the last 11 months, for more details click here. 
  • You are riding the B-Cup U-turn route in Orange County or San Diego
  • You are riding the A-Cup 30 mile route in San Diego (Not Orange County). 

Normal registration for The Boob Ride closed on 4/7/17. The ride is on 4/22/17. Everyone that signed up for the event before 4/8/17 will be submitted to Camp Pendleton to ride through the base. 

The local riders that ride through the base all the time can sign-up late. Just remember, the authorization expires every year. The folks with the guns and the tanks will make you ride the freeway if you don't have current access.

Don't be a total last minute boob, sign up now.