Make a Veteran Smile

Time to Give Back

Did you notice the sponsor on the derriere of your Boob Ride shorts? How about the name as on those fancy pink bib numbers? Her name is Dr. Robelyn Garcia and she is a sponsor of the 2018 event.

Here at Fun 4 Good and The Boob Ride, we like to support good causes, especially those that serve our military and veterans. Throughout our history, we have been active in backing our military riders and supporters. These include supporting the Navy EOD Undefeated Wounded Warrior ride.

Dr. Robelyn Garcia sent us a request to help raise money for her brother Eddie. Eddie served in the Navy but has fallen on hard times and became homeless. He is in desperate need of dentures. Dr. Garcia became a Boob Ride sponsor last year and has been supporting us ever since. She has been generous in her ability to help our cause, and we'd like to return the favor.

If you can, please help this veteran improve his quality of life by donating to his Go Fund Me Account

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