Amtrak Replaced with Party Buses for OC Ride Home

Great News

Amtrak is not running on our schedule for the return trip to OC!

The rail corridor is shut down due to construction on 4/21/18, the day of The Boob Ride. Amtrak has replaced the trains with buses, but they are not on the normal schedule and do not meet our needs. Don't worry your pretty little heads, we have a better way home.

Party Buses!

We have chartered deluxe motor coaches that will run on our schedule and they cost the same as an Amtrak ticket. You need to purchase a ticket for the bus as part of your registration or revisit registration (button is below) and get a ticket home. Your bikes will be transported by our cool trucks while you take the Party Bus home.

It is the perfect culmination of a great day - big bike ride, fun party, supporting a great cause, and camaraderie (or taking nap) on the ride home! Life just doesn't get any better.

Registration is Open, Sign up Now

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