Orange County, CA 2018

We are excited to announce the 9th Annual Boob Ride Orange County, CA!

The ride will be on:

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mark your calendars for some fun!

The start is located at the Irvine Station. The destination is the Tidewater Tavern in Solana Beach for the big party.

Changes and Improvements for 2018

The Boob Ride is constantly evolving. Some of this years adjustments are improvements based on feed back from our supporters. Other changes are due to the facts on the ground that we are forced to deal with.

  • Very Important: You have to register YOURSELF to ride through Camp Pendleton.
    • You must register yourself and accept the USMC terms and conditions, or ride the freeway. Base access is only good for 12 months, and you have to renew every year. It takes at least a week for them to approve your application. Here is the link to register for access to Camp Pendleton.
  • Amtrak is not running train on our schedule this year. We have solved this problem by chartering Party Buses for the return trip to Irvine. This is really cool since they will run on our schedule AND it is the same price as an Amtrak ticket. The tickets are available as part of your registration below. Make sure you book a seat on a fun ride home. 
  • New jerseys!! Yes, due to popular demand, we now feature TWO designs to choose from! Pick your favorite & support the cause. It's an incredible conversation starter, you will be the envy of everyone on the road, and you will be doing it all for charity. Win-win!! It takes 2 weeks to produce & ship; order yours now and start the season off right!" Here are the new jerseys.
  • We have expanded Party area this year! The party overwhelmed the Tidewater in 2017, but we love Sam and his team. So, we have worked with the building owner to expand the party into a larger area. The details are still in flux but here is how the party is evolving:
    • There will be an expanded seating area.
    • A buffet will be an option in addition to the regular menu. In the past, the riders came in all at once, overwhelming the kitchen's capacity. We can only solve this surge by adding a buffet.
    • We know y'all loved getting rubbed down at the massage tables. This year, the massage tables will be AT the party, where there is beer, instead of the finish line, where there is no beer, so you can refuel & rehydrate while you wait your turn for a massage. Can it get any better?"
  • Routes:
    • Route arrows will now be cool, bio-degradable arrows stuck to the pavement! How avante-garde! Keep your eyes on the road, and you won't miss them. We're changing due to vandalism of our old-school signs, city complaints, and the challenges of collecting signs after the ride. That was no fun!
    • Pay attention to the route slips! They may wiggle from previous years, and we don't want anyone to be on auto-pilot and miss the party." The route is created on RidewithaGPS, so you can download it to a bike computer that has a GPS.


Sign-up Now

Looking to be a volunteer? Sign-up here. We need need volunteers to help with planning and operations as well as for the day of the event.

100% of riders' registration fees go to the cause!

Event Information

If you haven't done The Boob Ride before, here are some highlights and FAQs

  • Ride starts in Irvine, CA at the Irvine Station (15215 Barranca Parkway)
  • The destination is Solana Beach for a big post ride party where we raffle off great prizes and give out fun awards.
  • You can drop off a bag with a change of clothes and a padded blanket for your bike at the start. We will transport them to Solana Beach for you.
  • The Boob Ride provides trucks that bring all the bikes back while the riders take the Amtrak train home.
  • Amtrak is not running train on our schedule this year. We have solved this problem by chartering Party Buses for the return trip to Irvine. This is really cool since they will run on our schedule AND it is the same price as an Amtrak ticket.
  • Riders will need to bring money to buy lunch and raffle tickets at the event.

Routes, schedules, and so forth

  • A-Cup is a 30 mile route for those that are big hearted but light on training. We load you and your bikes into a truck and magically transport you to the north end of Camp Pendleton for your start line. The ride from this start to Solana Beach is the most scenic part and mostly coastal.
    • Route map is here
    • Must be loaded into the trucks by 7:00 am. (Start time is 9:00 AM at Las Pulgas)
  • B-Cup is a U-turn route. This route is designed for those that want to support the cause and do some of the ride with their friends. You can start with the D or C groups, ride as far as you want to, and turn around as you see fit. Some would say that this is the perfect size, not to small and not too big. Just right! However, you will miss the famous post ride party.
    • Suggested route is here, but you can go further or turn around sooner.
    • Start is 8:00 am or sooner
  • C-Cup is a 60 mile ride directly to Solana Beach.
  • D-Cup is a 90 mile ride through the Elfin Forest and Rancho Sante Fe. This is a very scenic, but a very hilly and challenging route. Make sure you have the legs and lungs for before you take on this one. Just in case you change your mind, you can stay on PCH at Palomar Airport Road and finish with the C-Group.
  • All routes (except the B-cup) finish at the Tidewater Tavern in Solana Beach
  • Be in by 12:45 or you'll miss the famous awards ceremony.

Registration is Open.
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