2016 PA Ride

The Boob Ride Pennsylvania’s second annual event was a great success! Michelle and her team did an amazing job launching the event in PA, by bringing 103 registered riders and raising over $7,000. The Boob Ride PA is raising awareness and funds throughout the community. Congratulations on a phenomenal event!

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The Highlights

  • Festive pink porta-potty
  • Dante Rosado wins Youngest Rider for the second year in a row
  • Utter Love wins for Most Supportive team for the second year in a row
  • Local kids raise money for The Boob Ride with a lemonade stand!
  • Kits are still available, order here

The Winners Are:

  • The Most Supportive – Team – “Utter Love”
  • The Youngest Rider – Dante Rosado
  • The Oldest Rider – Bob Lanyon
  • The A Cup – Fiona Reiter
  • The C Cup – Scott Pitner
  • The DD Cup – John Elmer & Toni Alessi
  • King of the Mountain – Tony Alessi
  • Most Aggressive – John Elmer
  • The Best Overall – Dayna Hinsley

Thank You to All Our Sponsors