Team STRIDE supports The Boob Ride San Diego

Team STRIDE at the 2014 San Diego 3 Day Walk

Team STRIDE at the 2014 San Diego 3 Day Walk

The Boob Ride is very excited to welcome a new 3Day Walker team to our event – Team STRIDE! Team STRIDE will be out there supporting all the riders at the rest stops, the finish, and of course at the party! I met Cathy while on the 2015 3Day Walk and we started chatting about fundraising and its challenges. We just happened to be walking up a hill in Point Loma, and Cathy was gracious enough to listen to my Boob Ride pitch (in between my wheezing). Fortunately, she took my card and it was the beginning of a great partnership!

Cathy and Marianne put together Team STRIDE in 2010. As it turns out, Marianne has 11 siblings and she is one of seven girls. Unfortunately, ALL SEVEN SISTERS have been directly impacted by breast cancer! Most of us know that cancer is cruel, but this is undoubtedly the worst, especially since they all tested negative for the BRCA gene. Marianne’s doctor told her that with her family history isn’t a matter of if she will get breast cancer, it’s a matter of when.

But the sisters, their families, and all their supporters have hope. They formed Team STRIDE and are dedicated to raising money and awareness about this disease that has taken so much from them, including their sister Sheila.


Seven sisters on a mission.

The Boob Ride is honored to partner with such a powerful team! If you would like to know more about Team STRIDE and their story, or if you’d like to get involved, click on the links below:

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