The Boob Ride Is Cancelled

The Boob Ride 2020 is Cancelled

Status as of 6/22/20

Unfortunately a group ride and party is not going to happen in 2020

We were hoping for an event in September, but as a result of the current COVID-19 circumstances, it will not happen.


  • What happens with your event registration fee?
    • 100% of all rider registration fees will be directed to Breast Cancer Angels.  BCA is our fulfillment division that directly supports local low income people win their battle against breast cancer. BCA has a benefactor that covers its operational cost and therefore BCA can direct 100% of the money they raise to support the patients. BCA also has relationships with social workers to identify those in need. In addition, BCA has the checks and balances in place to control fraud.  This is where your money was going to go anyway.
  • But what about your event ticket?
    • All registered riders will be given a discount code for ANY future Boob Ride. The code will be unique per registration and will match the quantity of tickets you purchased. The discount code is transferable. If you can't make it in the future but have a friend that wants to check it out, pass the code along.
  • Bus Ticket?
    • We will be refunding your credit card for the bus ticket, if you purchased one.
  • Can you still do more to support the cause?
    • Yes, The Fake Boob Ride, Implant Edition (not the real thing but you like it anyway) will be in October of 2020. This is a donation optional opportunity for our supporters to be seen in the same general vicinity and promote our cause. There is an option to donate, but we will be ecstatic if our supporters are out riding, walking, or running wearing our Boob Ride gear and helping us create awareness for the cause and our organization.
    • The Fake Boob Ride/Run/Walk , Orange County event is here.
    • The Fake Boob Ride/Run/Walk, San Diego event is here.
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