We’re in the news again! “The Cycle of Giving: Part 1”

2d631976279d25014e642ce7398b1bfbWe, at the Boob Ride, are fortunate to have so many people contribute to our ride and our cause, whether it be through riding, volunteering, or networking. One such Boob Rider is Pete Gerrard, from the Irvine Cycling Examiner and Irvine Bicycles. Not only has Peter ridden the ride for several years, but his shop has also sponsored the “Most Inspirational” bra award in 2016 and he continues to help us promote the ride through several articles.

Peter gets us. He knows that The Boob Ride is all about making a difference in our communities, while having a great time. In his most recent article, “The Cycle of Giving: Part 1”, Peter discusses The Boob Ride and the Coast of the Canyon Challenge, which benefits Parkinson disease. From this article, you can see how ordinary people can get together and do something they love to support people they love. If you get a minute, check out Peter’s latest article below.


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