The Boob Ride is a fun event and so are the awards. There is a family friendly post ride event in Solana Beach and all the riders get to vote for who wins the Bra Awards. These are perpetual trophies with the winners' names adorned on the plaque. We do not record times, so we just pass out awards for the fun of it! Riders are encouraged to campaign for themselves for an award throughout the ride.

Notable winners included:

  • Hunter Kiernan won the Most Aggressive Rider in 2010 as he road the D-Cup ride on a fixie!
  • Jeff Theaders was a first and only rider to win both the Best Sprinter and Most Aggressive Rider awards in 2012.
  • Link Lundquist was the Best Young Rider in 2013 at age 86 years old.
  • Kevin Beach won the Most Aggressive Bra in 2014 because he did the C-Cup route on his mountain bike and hung with the lead pack all the way.
  • Kim Froeschner won the first ever Maglia Rosa Bra in 2015. A new trophy for the Best Woman on the D-Cup route.
  • Morgan Wolf won the Most Aggressive Bra in 2017 after completing her longest ride, just after finishing chemotherapy.

We do deviate from the Tour de France trophies a bit to award the Most Supportive Bra to the cycling group that turns out the most riders. This is a DD bra with a back brace, just to hold these babies up. 

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