The Boob Ride 2024

April 20, 2024

What a fantastic year! It was great to be back to normal and do some new stuff as well.


Piña Restaurant was a great venue in Encinitas. However, we have outgrown their capacity and are looking for a new venue for 2025.

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Bra Award Winners

  • Yellow (Best Overall) - Carson Bagley (3rd year in a row)
  • Maglia Rosa (Best Woman Overall) - Hannah Henrickson
  • Red (Most Aggressive) - Kristy Nguyen
  • Polka Dot (King of the Mountain) - Oscar Cancino
  • Green (Best Sprinter) - Brett Benson
  • White (Best Young Rider) - Cindy Wang
  • Big Blue (Most Supportive) - 3P Tri Team
  • Pink Diamond (Most Inspirational) - The Zambrana Family

If you would like to share your great moments with us, please upload you pictures here.