The 2022 CA Boob Ride

April 9, 2022 - The REAL Boob Ride

The REAL Boob Ride 2022 was our first real, in-person event since COVID shut us down. We were so excited to be able to deliver our regular event with starts in Irvine and San Diego, followed by the Last Mile Party at the Tidewater (since the COVID restrictions were relaxed). While we had done a lot of prep, we hit some snags in the permitting process. Our last permit was granted about 8 weeks before the event!  Internally, it was a frantic effort to make all the loose-ends come together in just 2 months when we usually have at least six months to plan! We apologize if it seemed like somethings fell through the cracks at the event. In the end we had a great turnout and made some new friends along the way!


  • 115 riders signed up
  • All the routes stayed the same
  • The Breast Stops were fully stocked
  • The Tidewater did a great job with limited staff
  • We had fantastic new sponsors
  • The Silent Auction  and Raffle were a big hit with a LIV gravel bike, HP printers, and lots of other great prizes
  • Our new volunteers jumped in and got it done, with smiles on their faces
  • We raised $17,800!

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Bra Award Winners

  • Yellow (Best Overall) - Carson Bagley
  • Maglia Rosa (Best Woman Overall) - Anne McLaughlin
  • Red (Most Aggressive) - Angel Hopeau
  • Polka Dot (King of the Mountain) - Jennifer Micalef
  • Green (Best Sprinter) - Mark Anderson
  • White (Best Young Rider) - Joe Daly
  • Big Blue (Most Supportive) - 3P Tri Team
  • Pink Diamond (Most Inspirational) - Dayna Hinsley