2020 Fake Boob Ride: Implant Edition

The Fake Boob Ride 2020

We all watched as COVID impacted our world, our loved-ones, and our sense of normalcy this year. The year brought many challenges and hard decisions, but we did our best to keep up with the ever-changing mandates, updates, and tried to remain safe and healthy.

Since we couldn't have the traditional ride and in-person Last Mile party, we opted for a way to be together while being apart. This year we launched The Fake Boob Ride: Implant Edition in both Orange and San Diego counties. The idea was to have our riders do a personal ride, walk, or run while wearing their Boob Ride gear and help us raise money for low-income breast cancer patients and their families. We weren't sure how this would go, and we are happy to report that the Fake Boob Ride: Implant Edition was bodacious success!


  • We raised over $3,000 in participant registrations, merchandise, and private donations
  • We included Boob runners and walkers, along with riders
  • We gave out the first-ever Boob Medals to participants who donated $25
  • We went INTERNATIONAL with a participant who did his own ride in Germany
  • We were able to be socially distant and have a good time in small groups in Orange County and San Diego
  • We got to celebrate our co-founder, Paul Self's birthday in Boob Ride fashion (with the post-ride beer tradition)


  • Check out the pictures and revel in all the fun