High fiber, healthy melons?

rowie-meers-498728901High fiber ain’t just for all us old people! Young women with a high fiber diet have a lower incidence of breast cancer.

I know many of us struggle to figure out what constitutes a healthy diet. Many times a study is published that exalts something like “dark chocolate is good for you”, only to disprove or cast doubt on it the very next week. Figuring out what to eat and in what quantities is usually a struggle for most of us. If you are like me, I know to stay away from things that use “cheese product”, but sometimes I get lost in the labels. It is hard to decipher what is organic, non-GMO, locally grown, grass-fed, raised on love, real food and what isn’t.

However, the one nutritional advice that seems constant, is the finding that eating more fiber-rich foods is good for you. Yep – you guessed it – fruits and veggies never go out of style! We have all probably heard how eating a high fiber diet can help reduce our chances of getting colon cancer, but there is new research from Duke that shows that adolescent girls who eat high fiber diets in high school  lower their risk is in developing breast cancer. In fact an article in Pediatrics states that “There is longstanding evidence that dietary fibers may reduce circulating estrogen levels”, which could account for this reduced risk in developing breast cancer.

So, young ladies – eat your fruits and veggies to keep your melons healthy!

For more information, read the whole article here.


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