The 2024 Green Bra Sponsor is Captain Dan!

One of our favorite riders, Daniel Powell, has decided to sponsor our Green Bra for the Best Sprinter! In addition to his amazing sponsorship, he is also bringing the Captain Challenge to The Boob Ride! We’ll have a separate blog about this unique opportunity, but for now you can check out the Captain Challenge on […]

New Venue for the Last Mile Party for 2023

We are excited to announced a new location for our Last Mile Party for this year’s event. The Last Mile Party will be at the Mexican restaurant called Piña of Encinitas. Piña is located right across the pedestrian bridge from the new finish line at the North County Transit District’s Park and Ride parking lot. Not […]

Breast Stops and Bike Mechanics

Yep! You read it correctly. Here at The Boob Ride, we don’t have Rest Stops, we have Breast Stops! Our breast stops are infamous for all the fun and slight irreverent snacks. In the past we have offered Boob Cookies and Mammo-grams; however this year we are limited to pre-package snacks only. Even though we […]