How We Make a Difference

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We know that there are many good causes out there, and we are grateful that you support ours!

What Makes Us Unique?

  1. 100% of registration fees and a majority of other funds directly assist those in need within a 25-mile radius of the event. We keep our support local and ensure that we are doing the most local good. 
  2. Our events draw people that typically do not participate in charity events. We get them off the sidelines with our fun events that are a bit irreverent. We boldly challenge the norms and do great things to fund the last mile in the fight against breast cancer.

What Does the "Last Mile" Mean?

This means directly paying for treatment, testing, transportation, meals and other support for low income people to get them through the breast cancer battle. Many other charities are funding testing, research, and education; however, the people going through this horrible disease need direct support. We get them through the last mile.

100% of the riders' registration funds will be donated to Breast Cancer Angels. Breast Cancer Angels provides temporary financial assistance to eligible patients who are experiencing hardship as a result of their treatment through:


  • Food Program
  • Housing Assistance
  • Clothes and Other Needs
  • Medical Co-pays & Cobra Costs
  • Transportation
  • Home Health Care & Final Expenses
  • Second Opinion Fund
  • Transportation and Related Costs
Breast Cancer Image

Why, How, and What?

Fun 4 Good has operated 13 events over the last nine years in two states. Our signature event, The Boob Ride, is a great example of boldly challenging the norms to do great things. We have proven that people who don’t normally get involved in charity events will come to an event that is fun, challenging, a bit irreverent, and they LOVE that 100% of their fees go to the cause. We generate a whole lot of fun for a good cause.

Registration is Open, Sign up Now

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