The Transformation is Complete

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The Boob Ride has completed our transformation from Biking4Boobs to officially be branded as “The Boob Ride”.  The last five years we ran our operations under the name Biking4Boobs, but as we grew and the event developed it’s own personality, we realized a few things:

  1. Someone has a trademark on “Biking4Boobs” and we would eventually run into trademark infringement issues.
  2. A local group had been selling clothing that was branded “Biking4Boobs”, which created confusion with our effort.
  3. Most importantly, nearly everyone on the ride called the event “The Boob Ride”.

Over the last few months we have filed a trademark application, held logo design competitions, tested logos, purchased domain names, re-branded social media, created a new web site, and prepared for the 2015 Boob Ride.

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Our final efforts for this year’s event are almost in place. Event registration and management has been a pain every year. Participants would have to register for the event on one site, then go to Susan G. Koman (SGK) to donate for the event, and we would have to coordinate registration details on the back side. It really sucked.

This year, The Boob Ride has an all new event registration process that streamlines everyone’s effort. We have also partnered with a fellow charity to operate under their 501(c)3 and then direct 100% of the rider’s donations to breast cancer.

Official Solana Beach Start

New routes are added this year by adding an official start in Solana Beach. Past events had included riders from San Diego county, we have been supported by N. San Diego cyclists along the way, and we have the final party in Solana Beach. The new start will come north and meet the OC riders at Las Pulgas and return to Solana for the post ride party. We also have an all new venue for this year’s post ride party, stand by for that big announcement.

We are very excited about officially being “The Boob Ride” and being able to increase our support to cure breast cancer. Thanks to everyone for creating a great event and we look forward to seeing you on the road.

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