Training for Your First Metric Century

Riding your first metric century is a physical and psychological challenge. Once you have conquered your first one, you will feel proud of the accomplishment.

In order to prepare for a metric, you will need to spend time on your bike getting physically fit and psychologically comfortable with the distance. While some of my teammates and Paul have ridden many centuries, I have only ridden metric centuries.  But the important part is to train. My first one was a VERY BIG DEAL to me. I had planned to do a metric, but it was in the high desert and it was 96 degrees. I hadn't trained for the heat and started to struggle. After the SAG wagon lapped me twice, I watched a mouse keel over and die on the street, and three carrion birds started circling me, I decided to call it quits at mile 47!

Had I been prepared and trained adequately, I would have enjoyed the ride and would have finished. Being prepared means being in good shape so that you do not suffer all the way. It is acceptable to suffer the last 5 miles or so, since that just means you put in a good ride and makes for colorful stories over a beer at the finish. Getting used to time in the saddle, eating and drinking along the way, doing a little stretching at rest stops, and riding within your limits will make the ride great.  The Boob Ride's Metric Centuries are very scenic. Train for the ride. Enjoy the ride.

*For those of you who are new to cycling, we do have SAG wagons at The Boob Ride for emergencies and there won't be any carrion birds.


The Boob Ride Metric Centuries

The Boob Ride has two metric century routes:

Both routes are very scenic routes along the coast with great ocean views (make sure to take pictures). There are three supported rest stops and plenty of places along the way for anything you may need. 

The rides are on the same day, April 22, 2017, and they will meet in the middle at the Las Pulgas rest stop. Imagine meeting your fellow riders and then heading to the big post ride party together. You will meet new friends and struggle together.

Training Plan

Training to ride a metric century is about more than just pedaling hard. As a matter of fact, you should NOT try to pedal hard all the way. Here is an 8 week plan (we are 10 weeks away from the big event on 4/22/17).

Local Training in OC

If you are in Orange County and want some moral support, then the Unlikely Cyclist is a running a training program called "Couch to Metric Century". This program is designed to help women take that first step off the couch and accomplish a big goal like a metric century. Please note that these are ladies only rides.

The Unlikely Cyclist is also the Maglia Rosa Bra sponsor. Lisa runs the shop and is a big supporter of our cause. If your new to riding and want to get started in a supportive environment, this is the place.

Location:   The Unlikely Cyclist
Address:    1661 Superior Ave c, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

For information about the women's only training program, please contact [email protected]

Eight Week Training Plan

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  • Long ride: Do your long rides at a steady, but not taxing pace. Your effort should be such that you’re breathing a little harder, but can have a full conversation. Most people find that Saturday or Sunday works best for their long rides; but the day doesn’t matter - - just get it done.
  • Steady ride: These rides should include two to four efforts (15 to 30 minutes in length) that are done at a slightly higher intensity than your long rides, as though you’re riding with someone slightly faster than you. You should be able to talk, but in shorter sentences. These rides train your body to ride more briskly in comfort, so you can finish your century faster and fresher.
  • Fast ride: Speed work improves your endurance by raising your lactate threshold, the point at which your muscles cry for you to slow down. When you raise this ceiling, you can ride faster and farther before your legs burn out. Aim to do four to six very hard efforts between 30 seconds and two minutes long (pushing hard up a hill for 30 to 60 seconds is one good way) during your fast rides.
  • Rest/Cross Train: It is very important to rest and let your body recover. Over training only wears you down and then discourages you. Take a day off, it is okay.
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