For Whom Do You Ride?


Tell us for whom you ride.

Do you ride for your mom, your wife, your sister, your friend, or do you ride because you have been diagnosed with breast cancer? We want to create a place to share stories and to create a community of strength for those who may be struggling with disease.

Please use the comments section to add your story.

3 thoughts on “For Whom Do You Ride?

  • Cinda

    I am riding for myself and to support this great cause. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer on Oct 11, 2014 just two days before my 44th birthday. I was a bit shocked and I admit I did cry over that weekend. I then switched to research mode and decided I needed to do everything I could to educate myself to make the best decision for me to get rid of this cancer. I opted for a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I had surgery on Dec 15th, 2014 and I am now cancer free! My journey isn’t over yet, but I feel like I have conquered the most difficult part. I feel very lucky that I caught my cancer early and that I am able to move beyond it. I feel the options available to me in regards to surgery and reconstruction are due to the efforts of women like Jennifer who support such a wonderful cause. When I found out about the boob ride and why Jennifer put this together, I was truly inspired. When Jennifer asked if she could add my name to the list of women she was riding for, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!! I am excited to be back on the bike for “The Boob Ride” and this will be my longest ride since surgery. While I wish I could do the 60, I am signed up for the 30 for now but hoping I can work back up to 60 soon. My boyfriend Steve will be doing the 90 mile ride to support me and this cause. Thank you to my family and friends for all your love and support.

  • Linda McCarthy

    I don’t call myself a survivor. I prefer the term, “Cancer Conquering Warrior Goddess” It’s been 12 years. Because of great insurance I had access to the best care. I ride because I want everyone to get the best care. My husband rides in our support.

  • Suzanne jackson

    Why do I ride? I ride first for my mom who had a radical mastectomy at the age of 44. Secondly, I ride for my sister who had a mastectomy at the age of 44 and is now 59 with stage five metastic breast cancer. Third, I ride for myself. I have had five surgeries and radiation treatment and have been battling the disease for twenty years….today cancer free. Last, but not least, I ride for all those who have battled before us, those who are battling today, and those who have yet to battle. I do what I can to help make a difference by using the strength of my legs in running and biking events to raise money for a cure. God bless all!


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