3 Days, 60 miles, and 4 blisters

As with each one of my seven 3Day walks, I could not have made it without my amazing team sherpas and walker stalkers who cheered us on every step of the way.

Day 1

We started Day 1 at the Opening Ceremonies at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and walked down the coast through Del Mar Village. I knew this was walk was going to give me a run for my money, as I got a blister on mile two.  We continued through Del Mar for three more miles until we came to Torrey Pines hill. This hill is dreaded by many, but the spectacular scenery and walker stalkers cheered us all the way to the top. From here, we descended through La Jolla and tried not to breathe in the Sea Lion scents at Childrens’ Beach. Shortly after the stinky sea lion cove, we came upon our first-time walker stalker Dan and our team D1_Lunchmascot Stewie. Stewie took his job seriously and exacted a pet from each walker as he/she strolled by. Then we walked down through Scripps Institution of Oceanography and into lunch at Kellogg Park where we were met by our team walker stalkers and The Boob Ride tent. My parents manned the tent and were passing out information about our ride. We scarfed down our brown bag lunch and addressed our foot issues, and we were off again. We enjoyed seeing our team moto crew popping up along the route. We walked along the coast the rest of the way until we made it to the last stretch into the 3 Day Camp at Crown Point Shores. All in all, we walked 21.46 miles. Here we were met by the lovely Thinking Pink ladies and Andres who set up our tents and air mattresses. Our team sherpa and his assistant helped us with our luggage.Then, our family and friends met us for dinner. Shortly after dinner we hauled our tired butts to the showers (4 large diesel trucks converted into showers) and headed back to our tents. We sat out under the stars and relived the best and the worst parts of the day before we headed off to bed. It was a chilly night, but it made for good sleeping!




Day 2

D2_TeamphotoGetting out of the tent in the morning was a bit of a challenge. I had developed multiple blisters on the previous 20+ miles, so I was stepping gingerly and trying to get my legs to work. The sun was shining and it was abnormally warm for 6:30 am. My team and other sponsored walkers wore our Boob Ride jerseys with pride. We walked from camp along the Bayside Walk through the river trail and out into Ocean Beach. Along the route we found a shopping cart, so we put Jodie in the cart and started brainstorming about fundraisers for next year. $1 for a 20 yard push! We headed through the cheering station at Robb Field and up Sunset Cliffs toward Point Loma. We were met by all our favorite walker stalkers and our team moto crew along the way. Walking through the jetty, we met up with my parents while enjoying snacks like red licorice, dill pickles, shots of beer and pink lemonade, as well as candy and olives. We headed back over the bridge and into Bonita Cove where we met up with The Boob Ride tent and our supporters. D2_stewieStewie was on security detail, but spent most of the time mooching food off unsuspecting tired walkers. My lovely teammates presented me with buttons that said “Limping is still walking” and “Every blister saves a sister”. Currently, I had saved 4 sisters. Fortunately, my friends and teammates walked with me as I hobbled slowly down the boardwalk. We stopped to pet the therapy dogs, including a giant Newfie. At this point, if we took stock of all the things that hurt – the list would be too long. So we settled on the things that didn’t hurt. We came up with our eyelashes and our earlobes. We laughed through our suffering and tried to enjoy the spectacular views of the sun and the sand. We continued back down the Bayside Walk and into camp and concluded the day at 20.5 miles. We met up with our supporters and our family members and ate in the giant tent. We watched the Youth Corps presentation and our very own Nina give her talk on why she volunteered. It was great to see so many kids volunteering and we were so proud! Then it was off to showers and unconsciousness.


















Day 3

D3_Team_lastmileDay 3 started early with the breaking down of tents and dragging our bags over to the gear trucks. One of our training partners had torn her meniscus in her knee and was red-carded for the rest of the walk. Fortunately, we had a dedicated stalker (Andres) who offered to drive her along the route so she could still cheer and walk into Closing Ceremonies with her team. We had our last 3Day breakfast and headed out to the route. We walked through Sea World parking lot and onto the dreaded river trail. There was no escape from the sun, so we walked, limped, and sweated our way into Old Town. Fortunately for us, we met up with our moto crew, walker stalkers, as well as our sherpas. Before we headed up “Juan last hill” we stopped into the Cantina, where two ladies bought us a lemon drop shot for liquid courage. We continued up the hills until we came upon a dirty old man handing out
candy (my dad) and my mom. From this point, we headed into Mission Hills Park to eat lunch. Fortunately for
us, my brilliant boyfriend had made an In-and-Out run and provided burgers for us, which have never tasted so good!  We descended down the hills to waterfront and passed through my old stomping grounds of Seaport Village. It was a new route and beautiful. We met up with the rest of our team at Anthony’s and headed into Holding wear we donned our pink finisher shirts and took copious amounts of selfies and team pics. Holding put us at 17.5 miles and we processed another .5 into Petco Park. Unfortunately, we had to climb four sets of stairs, hobble over a bridge, and then descend four floors to Closing D3_Closing_ShoeSaluteCeremonies. This was tricky for me since my legs were locking up and my blisters were screaming at me. At Closing Ceremonies, we Day3_Holding_Archall joined in the one-shoe salute as the survivors processed in and we vowed to never give up. We learned that we had shared the weekend with  2.200 walkers, 350 crew members, and raised $5.9 million. We concluded the evening knowing that to date we have helped raise $800 million dollars and are one step closer to a world without breast cancer.SGK_3DAY_2015_JourneyMap_SD



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