An Official Non-Profit Organization

Fun4GoodWe have officially incorporated as FUN 4 GOOD and have been granted 501(C)(3) nonprofit status!

Our corporate name reflects that we create fun events for good causes. Our mission is about having a good time and supporting great causes. Most importantly, we drive 100% of participant’s fees to the causes. Sponsors cover our minimal overhead and we will direct overages of those funds to the causes.
A FUN 4 GOOD event doesn’t require fundraising by the participants. Just signup, pay the registration fee, and have a good time. If you haven’t done The
TheBoobRide_WB_RBoob Ride, then you have missed a very fun and successful event. Just imagine a great bike ride followed by a party with bra awards (trophies that are bras). The ride is fun, the party is great, and the funds raised go to  breast cancer research and community programs.


In the past, we had to carefully direct funds into other nonprofits and make sure our core values were being upheld. Doing this through other organizations can be challenging. Now that we can remove a middle-person, we can expand our efforts.


askusnowIn 2015 we expanded The Boob Ride to Pennsylvania with great success. Michelle and her team are passionate about the breast cancer cause and produced a great event. In 2016, we will have three starts in two states. If you want to operate The Boob Ride in your area or have an event that you need help producing, ask us how we can help.

The Boob Ride has been operating for six consecutive years. Our operations, process, branding, event management and marketing may plug right into your area. We  localize The Boob Ride with regional names, helping us be apart of your community and support your cause.

Thanks to all of our supporters.

We are always looking for volunteers.


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