The Boob Ride Jersey

Every year people ask us if we have jerseys for our event. Well, this year – we listened! Check out our leading candidate for the design below. [maxbutton id=”10″]

Solana Beach Start

The Boob Ride has officially added a start in Solana Beach for the 2015 ride. Over the years we have had many folks from the North San Diego County area join us for the ride and post-ride party. So, we added an official starting event there. The ride will start in the Distillery parking lot at 7:00 […]

The Transformation is Complete

  The Boob Ride has completed our transformation from Biking4Boobs to officially be branded as “The Boob Ride”.  The last five years we ran our operations under the name Biking4Boobs, but as we grew and the event developed it’s own personality, we realized a few things: Someone has a trademark on “Biking4Boobs” and we would eventually […]

Transportation Sponsor

Epic Freight is supporting our transportation back to Irvine this year.

The Boob Ride Orange County is a one way ride to Solana Beach for the big post-ride party.  We arrange for return transportation for all the bikes while the riders take Amtrak home. Every year we struggle to handle this logistical challenge. In 2015, Epic Freight is supporting our return transportation. Thank you very much

Please support our sponsors, visit


For Whom Do You Ride?

Tell us for whom you ride.

Do you ride for your mom, your wife, your sister, your friend, or do you ride because you have been diagnosed with breast cancer? We want to create a place to share stories and to create a community of strength for those who may be struggling with disease.

Please use the comments section to add your story.

Most Supportive

The Boob Ride recognizes the group that brings the most riders to the event with The Most Supportive Bra.

We deviate from the Tour de France cycling theme with a EEEE sized blue bra supported by a back-up yellow bra. As you may have imagined, it needs a lot of support.

This is a simple award to win, get everyone on your group to register under the team name. The most people under one name wins. The first two years have gone to OCCyclist as they have turned out about 30 people each year.

Spread the word to your group and get your name on the Most Supportive bra.