O-Tus Sponsors the Best Young Rider, White Training Bra

o-tus-bike-kokopaliWelcome our new sponsor of The Best Young Rider, O-Tus. This sponsorship is a great tie-in with something new (a new way to listen to music while you ride) and all the new riders on the event.

O-Tus brings a really cool solution to listening to your favorite tunes while riding, but still being able to hear everything around you. Earbuds can be hazardous, especially in a pack with other riders communicating to each other. O-Tus velcros on your helmet and aims music at your ear.  Think about being in front of speakers at home listening to music, the music is aimed at you and you’re still engaged with everyone in the room.  O-Tus does that when you ride.

O-Tus also has a Bluetooth wireless solution that attaches to the back of your helmet with velcro. No moreO-tus bike-helmet-features2 wires. How cool is that?

O-Tus has also donated their product for the raffle at the big post-ride party in Solana Beach. Joe, the founder of O-Tus, will be available to give demos at the event and share his passion for music while riding.  If you can’t wait and want one now, click here to order.

The Best Young Rider Award

The Boob Ride has a little fun with this award. Instead of a white jersey, we present a white training bra. Here are all the details on this fun award and its past winners.

Sign-up before it’s too late

If you haven’t registered yet, you better get on it. Registration is closing on 4/1/16 due to restricted access to Camp Pendleton.

Register for The Boob Ride 2016 here.

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