Sagan In the Green Bra!

Sagan's Fondo Gran Roadie-Oh

Last weekend we had the pleasure of exhibiting at Peter Sagan's Fondo Gran Roadie-Oh in San Marcos, California. This was a three-day event and ride that raised money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which is a phenomenal organization.  In the weeks leading up to the ride, we were pestering Mr. Sagan's Instagram account with requests for a picture of him in the Green Bra (Best Sprinter) Award. We even went so far as to Photoshop him in to one of our Bra Awards pictures for effect! As many of you know, Peter Sagan is one of my favorite cyclists and a crowd favorite for most. At The Boob Ride, we admire his skills and abilities, but mostly we love that he doesn't take himself too seriously. One of my favorite commercials is the Specialized commercial where Sagan races his grandma on an electric bike. It is "pure magic"!

As fate would have it, we caught Mr. Sagan on a training ride on Saturday before the event and he was gracious enough to take a few photos with the Green Bra and our team! Not only is he a three-time World Champion, but he is also a good sport!

As it turns out, Mr. Sagan was very gracious to all of the exhibitors and fans and stories of his good nature trickled through all the exhibitors. We had such a great time meeting and promoting The Boob Ride. Our top cyclists road in the 100k ride and had a great time as well. We will definitely be back next year!


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