The Pink Bra (Maglia Rosa)

In 2015, The Boob Ride added the Pink Bra, aka the Maglia Rosa. This newly and highly coveted award is for women only (sorry fellas)! This award is given to the Best Woman overall on the D-Cup route. While purely a popularity contest, the Maglia Rosa is still quite the award. Our first winner was Kim Froeschner. She tried to take it home with her, but we reeled it back in until the perpetual trophy is made. Here she is winning the inaugural Maglia Rosa.

A special thank you goes out to Dickie and others for championing a women’s only series of trophies. He inspired Eriko to create the first year’s trophy in the same fashion as all the other first year trophies. We created very basic trophies by using a small stretched canvas frame, putting a bra on it, and hand writing the award on the canvas. All the original trophies were never returned and we decided to create a perpetual trophy.

1024px-Nibali_Maglia_RosaThe Maglia Rosa is another prized cycling jersey awarded in one of the Grand Tours, the Giro d’Italia. A loose interpretation of Maglia is mesh or fabric and Rosa is Pink, therefore the Pink Jersey. On the left is a picture of Vincenzo Nibali defending the Maglia Rosa on the last day of the Giro in 2013. He went on to win the race overall and won the Tour de France the following year.

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