10 Years and Cancer Free

It all started in 2010....

The 10 year anniversary is 2019!

This week marked an amazing milestone for my mom and our family. January 9th was the tenth anniversary of my mom's mastectomy and her path to being cancer free! While we are grateful and excited about this milestone, it does bring with it a significant amount of reflection and heaviness. Many people who have survived cancer live with a daily fear that it will reoccur, and our family is no different. However, we try and keep positive mindsets about the future and focus on the opportunities for health and wellness instead of the fear.

As with most things, each cancer survivor may deal with his/her cancer-free milestones differently. The most important thing we can do to support cancer survivors is to keep open communication and respect their wishes when it comes to healing and privacy. Cancer.net has a great article called "6 Tips for Recognizing Milestones in a Life with Cancer" and it provides some excellent suggestions of how to help engage with cancer survivors about their milestones on their terms. The article's main suggestions include:

  1. Take time to reflect
  2. Plan a special occasion
  3. Donate or volunteer (The Boob Ride is always looking for volunteers)
  4. Join an established celebration (like The Boob Ride)
  5. Do something you like
  6. Celebrate your way

Registration is Open for 2019

Don't be a boob, sign-up now.

What's New for 2019?

A special year made us want to do special things...

  • You will see our 10th year anniversary symbol on many things
  • A new cycling kit is being designed (standby for that announcement)
  • New high-tech microfiber shirt (standby for that announcement)
  • Special beer glasses
  • Great sponsorship opportunities
  • Silent auction, please contact us if you have great products we can auction off
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