Benjies Sponsors KOM Trophy

KOM--sponsored-braThe King of the Mountain (KOM) trophy is sponsored by Benjies, a New York style deli in Tustin. The deli’s owner, Lloyd Weinstein, has supported The Boob Ride every year as a participant. He cannot make the event this year and desperatly wants to have his name on one of the trophies. This is the only way Lloyd will get his name on a KOM trophy.


King of The Mountains

The King of the Mountain award in grand tours like the Tour de France is given to the rider with the most mountain top points. The full background is here.

The real KOM award is a polka-dotted jersey like this one .

In a real race, this is a highly coveted award because it signifies this person is a great climber. The jersey may change riders on a daily basis in the Tour de France until the last day. The award is based on the number of points won at designated mountain tops. The polka-dotted jersey makes it easy for everyone on the ride to spot the leader and pursue them.

On The Boob Ride, it isn’t a real award. The riders just observe who they think is the best climber and then we vote on the winner. Sometimes, the winner is solely based on who bought the most votes with beer at the post-ride party. Our award is a pink polka-dotted DD cup bra. We may add a Queen of the Mountain award that can only be won by a woman next year.

Past winners include:

  • 2010 – Ted Dobson
  • 2011 – Ted Dobson (Ted bought a lot of beers)
  • 2012 – Zach Scheetz
  • 2013 – Dickie Fernandez
  • 2014 – Rick Strauss


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