The Fake Boob Ride: Implant Edition

As you may know, cancer hasn’t gone away since the Stay-at-Home order. There are still people going through treatment that need support more than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we were unable to hold the in-person ride in April 2020, we have created a non-event ride, called The Fake Boob Ride: Implant Edition 2020 which will be held on Saturday October 3, 2020.

Funds are at an all-time low for our partner, Breast Cancer Angels, which is the group that works with the families your donations support each year. So, October is breast cancer awareness month, and therefore the perfect time to rally ALL our athletic supporters to grab our Boob Ride gear on the same day and ride/run/walk in the same general vicinity so we can wave and smile at each other from safe distances.

What are the details?

When: Saturday October 3, 2020

Where: Anywhere in the world - register for Orange County or San Diego event.

What: Ride/run/walk wherever you are, with your friends or by yourself, and post your pictures and tag us in them with #theboobride and #thefakeboobride.


How Do I Participate?

Sign up on our registration page for OC or SD for free and then ride/walk/run in your neighborhood. While out and about, post your selfies, your bike, your view, and show your solidarity to @boobride and/or #thefakeboobride. By posting your selfies and pictures on our site, we are raising awareness and having fun.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday October 3, 2020, people will roll-out, and everybody will be separate but together, with our virtual participation on our bikes, or whatever solitary sport you’d like
  • Afterwards, feel free to meet up at a place of your choosing and continue the camaraderie.


The Boob Ride Medal

If you donate $25, we will send you this illustrious Boob Ride silicone medal to complete your collection!

Register here and get your medal while supplies last!

Boob Ride Medal

Steps to complete registration
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