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Talking about Boobs

We had an amazing opportunity to take part in an interview with Above Everyday's founder, Lisette Gonzales. Lisette's podcast focuses on "dynamic messages and interviews designed to encourage and inspire working moms in reaching their personal and professional goals".

The Boob Ride girls jumped on the opportunity to talk about The Boob Ride and how putting on the ride and the big post-ride party has impacted us and why we do this year after year. Not only are we committed to the cause, but we also love what we do! Lisette is a gracious and entertaining host, and we enjoyed talking about boobs and getting the message out. Lisette is also a runner, so she is fired up for running for healthy boobs!

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Above Everyday

Above Everyday ignites powerful conversations that support women, and especially mothers, who are out to live amazing lives. Lisette interviews dynamic people who have created massive success in their lives and shares their inspirational stories to empower her listeners.

Have an inspirational story of your own to share? Contact Lisette at [email protected] and follower her on @aboveeveryday.

The Fake Boob Ride: Implant Edition

What can you do to support the cause?

  • The Fake Boob Ride, Implant Edition (not the real thing but you like it anyway) will be on October 3, 2020. This is a donation optional opportunity for our supporters to be seen in the same general vicinity and promote our cause. There is an option to donate, but we will be ecstatic if our supporters are out riding, walking, or running wearing our Boob Ride gear and helping us create awareness for the cause and our organization.
  • The Fake Boob Ride/Run/Walk , Orange County event is here.
  • The Fake Boob Ride/Run/Walk, San Diego event is here.

The Fake Boob Ride Logo

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